Friday, 27 May 2011

Day at the Beach

Took a lone trip to the beach to get some sketching done and it was a beautiful day, warm and sunny but the beach was pretty much deserted. Everyone at work no doubt, but not me... no today I had a very special day off.

Sketched what was left of lunch.

And also my hand holding the apple juice.

Once I had finished I got back to the sketching. I was trying to get to grips with sketching birds from life. Not an easy subject, but then I'm well known for being up for a challenge! I didn't want to use photographic reference but the darn things wouldn't keep still long enough.

It was fun though. I think maybe I shall have to either get really fast in getting my sketch down or use the sketch in conjunction with photographs to make a painting especially of something so quick.

Of course a trip to the seaside is not just for children, I find a visit to the beach always lifts my spirits and the sea air is just so healing.

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