Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Drawing Trees

50 min pencil in sketchbook

Still stuck on trees. I feel that the more I draw and paint them the better they will become or at least I will stop worrying over them.

I really enjoyed drawing this and was surprised at the ease of my return to pencilwork, I find it very relaxing and satisfying.

Note to self: Pick up the pencil more often!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Downham Station, Bill Peet style

Pen and watercolour 12" x 9"

I have wanted to paint Downham Station for some time and there are better views of it, but I thought I would have a bit of fun and do it in Bill Peet style illustration. Of course this would have to be my idea of Downham in the early years :)

The train would have been brighter but I foolishly used non-waterproof ink... and of course it ran!

I just couldn't resist incorporating that lovely horse and cart. Just love this kind of fun work.... it's sort of where my art journey began when I started drawing pencil cartoons for my kids. Fond memories.

Thursday, 8 October 2009


One more After Howard Pyle - Ink and wash

Really had fun with this. I must admit there is something about ink and wash that is really compelling and this is all helping in my practice.

Sorry about the image, the sea is actually not pink in the real painting, but the scanner is not too good at keeping the colours true.

Searching for treasure is quite appealing, but true treasures are often found in unexpected places and not at all what you might think - for instance they have nothing to do with financial gain. Look harder for the things that truly warm your heart and make your soul sing.