Friday, 9 April 2010

Feeling the Rhythm

Acrylics in sketchbook

Thanks to my friend, John for the loan of the photograph - I was struck by the sunny atmosphere and hope that I have captured some of that here. It is unfinished but then, that's what a sketchbook is for isn't it? To practice technique etc... not to finish. I could work up a painting from this and may do so in the future - I think it is worth exploring further.

I think the acrylics are growing on me. Surprisingly, I find I am using them more just lately.

Music has rather a magical effect doesn't it? The beat of a drum, the strumming of a guitar or the sound of a piano... all do something to the soul, lift the spirits and make me want to dance. You feel your foot tapping to the beat and it's hard to ignore... it's irresistable. Even for me, someone without any real sense of rhythm but who nevertheless loves to dance.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thinking Time

30 min study in acrylics (in sketchbook)

Quick study of Sargent's "Miss Eliza Wedgewood". Sargent's work was in watercolours but I have used acrylics just sloshed about in my sketchbook. I rather like the looseness of this. Sargent's is better of course, but I am secretly pleased at how this has turned out considering the very small amount of time spent on it.

Thinking time is needed when painting. I find I spend an awful lot of time just thinking about what I am going to paint, how I am going to paint it and even when I have painted it, time to reflect on what I have accomplished and how to move forward. Art is not just about action, but also about thought.

When the sun is shining and I feel its rays warm upon my head, it's easy to slip into daydream mode and then I find my thinking works so much better. During cold spells it's much harder to get the brain working properly. :) Roll on Summer!