Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Solstice

Watercolour pencil in small moleskine sketchbook

Summer Solstice was earlier this year, I am told it was because it's a Leap Year.  The Longest Day.  The day indeed seemed long to me because I managed to pack so much into it and even had time for this quick sketch.

Standing stones are so magical, they always capture my imagination.


  1. Nice drawing - like the Megalith. Why not try adding a Zig Art and Graphic Twin to your kit. It has a brush at one end and a drawing tip at the other. Comes in several colours. Have a browse in

    Like the Babushka too. Regards.

  2. Thank you Robert. You know I need no encouragement to buy new art products :) and I will definitely take a look at your suggested brush/drawer, sounds good.

    Kind regards