Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rainy Night

Oils on Canvas (12" x 24")

A while ago I did a small painting of The Walks which is a park near where I used to live and now I have used the scene together with my recent fascination for rainy scenes.  I am pleased with how this one progressed.

I like to transform what could easily be a bleak scene and using colour lift it to a new level.  To me it represents seeing the positive in difficult times. There is always colour and joy all around us, we just need to learn to see it.


  1. Hello My Friend

    Where are you? I hope you are well and happy and creating. Since you haven't posted in such a long time, I am concerned about you.

    This painting is a great representation of night light, rain, and reflection. It amazes me how you have incorporated so much color into a scene of this nature.

    Your blog friend

  2. Thank you so much Steven, I have really missed my artwork and my blog.