Monday, 3 October 2011

Lovely Lily

Watercolour on HP paper 16" x 12"

Spent all weekend painting - how lucky am I? The most wonderful time which made me wish so much that I had more time to paint, but alas bills have to be paid so it's back to the day job!

I am fast discovering a love of painting florals. Not only do you get to enjoy the visual beauty but you're also surrounded by such heavenly scents.

Obviously, this one doesn't really fit with what this blog is all about... making a painting within 60 minutes, but I really needed to show this just to prove that I can actually paint something decent.

My pride has had a dent recently and I'm feeling a little unsure of my ability to paint so every little success boosts my failing confidence and self esteem.

I hope you enjoy this one.


  1. Hi Inky
    This is beautiful! What a delightful botanical study. It's a treat to see the "other" creating that you do besides just the 60 min. works.

  2. Lovely softly blended colours which suit the flower subject. You handle watercolour very well go for more like this.

    K. regards, Rob.

  3. Thanks Steven, your encouraging words are always much appreciated.

    Robert, thank you, yes I do love watercolour and am so loving painting flowers.