Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Red Dress

Acrylics in watercolour sketchbook 12" x 10"

Seems I am inspired by trees and woods lately. Asked if I could paint fairies I said no, I am no good with fantasy although I wish I were.

Anyhow this is it and I wish I had left off the wings but you live and learn!

I do like the sunlight captured here so all is not lost as I think I may be able to do something in the future with strong contrasts of light and shadow.

That's what sketchbooks are for, isn't it? Playing around and learning through play.


  1. “Enchantment glows through gossamer wings
    As dreams of other worlds are seen.
    Yet in this time I will stay
    Until I’ve nothing left to say.”


  2. Beautiful words, Steven - thank you so much for dropping by.