Saturday, 16 July 2011


I spent a long time trying to get a likeness of a poppy and found they died so fast when cut and placed in a vase. The only way was to leave them to thrive in their own environment.

The Poppy at first glance is a simple flower, but upon closer inspection there is so much more to them and when several gather together they are astonishing in their beauty. They can make such a difference to the landscape.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, here is my latest painting.

Acrylics on deep canvas


  1. Hi Inky
    This is beautiful! It is glowing with red light!
    Just for you:
    “Captured by the glowing hot field of red
    I just couldn’t get the poppies out of my head.
    Cutting one and then to my studio I went
    To record this beauty that really has no scent.

    How quickly it wilted and left me with naught
    To use as my model. I was very distraught.
    With easel and paints to the field I hurried
    And painted the beauties, no longer worried.”

  2. Steven, thank you for visiting and for the lovely poem, you made me smile so much. That's just excellent.