Sunday, 8 August 2010

After Walter Crane

Ink and watercolour in A4 sketchbook

I find myself really enjoying copying illustrations and it is giving me a lot of good practice - I am learning so much.

Because I used my sketchbook for this one the watercolour wash in the background did not work so well, (a white background would have been cleaner) but I am happy to have the practice.

I have learned that sometimes it's best to leave things well alone.

Positivity wins the day and determination to improve both my art and my outlook is paramount to progress.


  1. I don't know who Walter Crane is - ut this is lovely!

  2. Hi, Inky
    Where are you? I miss seeing your creations, especially your sketchbook pages.
    I hope you are well. I send you warm light of joy and creativity!
    Your art blogging friend

  3. Helen, thank you so much for taking the time to drop by and comment. I do apologise for taking such an age to reply.

    Steven, Thank you so much and sorry I have been absent so long, one thing after another I'm afraid has kept me from my art but now I intend to get back to it! Will be posting regularly again shortly.

    best wishes