Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thinking Time

30 min study in acrylics (in sketchbook)

Quick study of Sargent's "Miss Eliza Wedgewood". Sargent's work was in watercolours but I have used acrylics just sloshed about in my sketchbook. I rather like the looseness of this. Sargent's is better of course, but I am secretly pleased at how this has turned out considering the very small amount of time spent on it.

Thinking time is needed when painting. I find I spend an awful lot of time just thinking about what I am going to paint, how I am going to paint it and even when I have painted it, time to reflect on what I have accomplished and how to move forward. Art is not just about action, but also about thought.

When the sun is shining and I feel its rays warm upon my head, it's easy to slip into daydream mode and then I find my thinking works so much better. During cold spells it's much harder to get the brain working properly. :) Roll on Summer!


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