Saturday, 1 August 2009

Portrait of the Artist

30 min ink and watercolour

Just started a week's holiday from work and it feels so good to be able to paint again!

Today I am doing plein air. At first I was unsure, but then if you never take a chance you will never discover what you are capable of. Grasp the nettle!


  1. I'm still dithering over going out in the open to paint. The thought of people watching over your shoulder scares the hell out of me. Well done for grasping the nettle.

  2. Thank you so much. It really isn't so bad once you get out there. Sometimes people even ignore me! Ha-ha! That can be annoying if you're itching to have a chat and no-one comes over.

    My advice is get out there with the sketchbook to begin with, it's easier closing the book if you get shy. Once you've done that a few times it's not half so bad getting out the paints and once you get into the painting zone you forget everything around you.

    I found most people are very kind and encouraging when they do come over.