Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lone Boot

50 min watercolours on 10" x 7" watercolour paper

A lone boot... stands isolated and useless without it's partner. What happens now?

Hop for a while and maybe one day another boot will come along which matches this one perfectly.


  1. Hello Inky
    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I am pleased we have made contact.
    If this painting is anything to go by your target of a picture a day is proving very benefial.This is very good indeed. I to try and paint a picture every day too(except Sun). "Practice makes perfect" has they say.

  2. what a gorgeous boot! watercolours are so cool...

  3. Thank you Trevor, indeed without practice we would never get there. I am doing a quick study every day although I do not always get time to post. It's very good for me to use any spare minute to improve my artwork.

  4. Many thanks Square Peg for dropping by - I too adore watercolours.