Monday, 15 December 2008


25 min study using Graphitint watersoluble pencils on 12” x 9” paper.

My dog Ralfi with his comfort blanket… a comforter for my comforter!

What wonderful friends dogs are to us humans and what comfort they give in times of sadness as well as times of joy. They are loyal and loving no matter how they are treated. It makes me sad when I hear of a dog that has been neglected or abused. How can anyone be cruel to such adorable creatures?

When my last dog died I made the decision not to have another because my heart was broken at losing her. However, the months seemed so empty and lonely without my dog and walking just didn't seem the same alone. So I went to the RSPCA rescue centre and Ralfi picked me. He has such adorable chocolate brown eyes and once I had gazed into them I was smitten. He is a wonderful character and a joy to have in my home.

He also makes a good subject for my artwork.
Puppy 1

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